FBA Payday Course

FBA Payday Course

Module 1
The Three Questions

There are three very impactful questions that you need to give some thought to - we go over these questions with you.

Module 2
The Importance of Seller Motivation

Discover the three extremely important questions to consider when selling a business.

The Valuation Process & 3 Stages

How to identify what stage you’re in and why it is important, how to use market data to come up with a value range for your business and when the best time to sell your business is.

Module 4
Other Considerations & why they matter

Learn a few more important things that touch on valuation considerations and preparing for market.

Module 5
What is the business worth?

Learn why we use a value range rather than a value target, other expenses to consider & why it’s important to have a post-sale plan.

Module 6
Operations & Transferability

In this module we go over some transferability issues, what you can do, and how these issues look from an investor’s perspective.

Module 7
SDE & Addbacks

Learn what SDE means, and why it’s such a difficult number to find. We’ll talk about addbacks, how to help your bookkeeper find them and how they are negotiated.

Module 8

This module will help you understand the importance of having proper detailed monthly accrual based bookkeeping and giving this information to a bookkeeper.

Module 9

In this section you will learn the metrics that are most important to know and highlight for a buyer, plus why they’re important to them.

Module 10
Self Audit

It's time to take the metrics from the last lesson and use them as the basis for the self audit.

Module 11

In this module we’re talking inventory, how investors see stock levels and how it’s negotiated.

Module 12
Deal Structures

Learn about Letters of Intent (LOI) and negotiating offers. We also take a look at a few real examples.

Module 13
Due Diligence & Marketing Materials

We talk about creating your listing, what information to share with prospective buyers and in what order. We also go over how to get prepared for buyer due diligence.



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